Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: New Hair Day

June 29, 2016

Happy New Hair Day to ME!


You know how when you find your "hair person", you stick with them for years because they're the only one who understands the way your hair works? Well for me, that was Willow at Eastside Salon.


Let me back ALLLLLL the way up... I have actually been going to Eastside Salon the majority of my life. My 14-year-old self had a Homecoming up-do from Blanche my freshman year at Stanwood High School, and I am 31 years old today still going to Eastside! Blanche still works there, and I got to see her today. :) 


Fast forward to the present day... A few months ago, Willow hit me with the news that she was moving to Germany for a few years! Her husband serves in the military and they had an INCREDIBLE opportunity to go overseas together. I appreciate both of their service to our country! After I finished moping and realized I couldn't afford to travel to Germany for hair cuts, I asked her for a recommendation. She suggested her co-worker Kelsey!


Of course I was feeling apprehensive due to change, but  Kelsey has been doing both of my sisters' hair for a while now, and if y'all have ever seen my sisters before, their hair is FAB.


Oh, I should also mention that another wonderful woman at Eastside named Jeannie does my mom's, dad's, brother's, and grandma's hair. I guess you could say it's a family affair...


Anyway, back to Kelsey! Today was my first day seeing her, and I had already kind of decided that I needed to cut some inches off of my mane and throw some extra blonde in there for the summertime. Anyone who has dyed their hair a LOT in their lifetime knows that it can get really brittle and dry, and mine had pretty much turned into blonde straw at the bottom. Over the last year, I can't tell you how many times my hair was bleached. I love experimenting with colors, but it definitely takes a toll on your tresses. 


After getting all foiled up this morning, she threw me under this AWESOME new time machine. Actually, it's just a dryer, but doesn't it look like I'm getting beamed up by aliens?!

And THIS is what my after pic looks like!!

I have to say, I am SO thrilled with my new look AND with my new hair stylist! Thank you Kelsey for taking good care of me and my now not-so-mangled mane, and thank you Willow for the AMAZING recommendation! Can we talk about how much money I'll save on shampoo and conditioner?! 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly