Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Plane Pics That Will Make You Want To Fly!

July 17, 2017

Since I was just a little Taryn, I have been fascinated by flight and airplanes. I remember my brother and I having an obsession with Stealth Bombers when we were kids, and even as an adult I geek out whenever I fly out to the San Juan Islands in a Cessna. I'm also pretty adamant about having the window seat whenever I'm on a large commercial flight - just a warning! On Saturday I had an incredible experience geting up close and personal with a Russian Yak and absolutely had to share the photos.


My dad is in a band called Mojo Cannon (shameless plug: you can actually see them at the Mount Vernon Riverwalk Concert Series this Thursday night) and their insanely talented saxophone player John Coffey happens to have another hobby - he's a pilot. For years, he's had this bad ass Russian Yak - a half red, half black stunt plane - and has been involved in countless stunt competitions where he's won an impressive number of awards. I've watched him fly high above me on many occasions, cruising over Arlington Municipal Airport and other local spots. But for the very first time, I got to hang out IN the Yak!

The plane is a sleek one-seater in absolute mint condition. I didn't even want to touch it, for fear of leaving a smudge or a fingerprint on the gorgeous exterior! 

After touring the outside, I got to hop into its cramped quarters where I learned about the various gauges, the rudder, how to steer the Yak and how to successfully execute a barrell roll - well, I learned how to IMAGINE successfully executing a barrell roll. As you can tell from my face, I was afraid I might break something...

The experience was extremely exciting, and even inspired me to look into some flight lessons. Lord knows I need another hobby, right?!


If you ever want to watch local pilots in action, there's a great restaurant right on the runway of the Arlington Airport called Ellie's. It's one of my favorite places to brunch and watch take offs and landings while sipping on a mimosa! You should definitely check it out sometime, and keep an eye out for John Coffey in the red and black Yak!


Thanks again, John! I loved getting to check out your plane and learn what goes into such a unique hobby!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly