Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Prepare for WIND!

October 13, 2016

Since a tree fell on my car during last year's FIRST big windstorm... 

Thanks, windstorm!

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...and SEVERAL trees fell on our garage during last year's SECOND big windstorm... 

#Repost @999kisw with @repostapp ・・・ Well that sucks. But my loves ones are safe! Be careful out there Rockaholics. Horrible conditions. #KISW #TarynItUp - @tarynkisw

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you could say I'm slightly passionate about windstorm preparedness this time around. This was just SOME of the aftermath from last year:

We're not in Kansas anymore

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The PNW has a high wind warning from tonight at 6pm till early Friday morning, and some are predicting hurricane-level winds up to 55 mph. YIKES! You'd better get ready! 


Right away, make sure your home is ready for the impact this storm may have. Anything you have outdoors should go into a garage on inside the house - patio furniture, garbage and recycling cans, etc. Also, GET YOUR PETS INDOORS! 


You'll want to make sure you identify the best "shelter" in your home. Maybe that's the basement, or the room furthest from the trees in your back yard. 


It's always wise to have an emergency kit just in case things get really out of control. If you needed to survive on your own for any period of time, you'd want to make sure to have 72 hours worth of food, water, and supplies like blankets or a first aid kit. 


With power outages predicted, you'll want to stock up on flashlights, batteries and candles. It's smart to have a battery-operated radio, or a crank radio, to tune in for news updates from local radio stations.


Also, maybe grab a cooler and fill it up with beer and ice, so if the power DOES go out, you can still keep your beer cold. #priorities


BE SAFE OUT THERE, Rockaholics. I'll be holding down the fort at KISW, so if you do lose power at home, turn up The Rock and let me entertain you :) 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly