Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Road Tripping 101

May 3, 2016

I'm gearing up for a road trip this weekend with my gal Pal Lindsey from college (Go Cougs!). Our lady bro, Rachelle, is getting married in September, so her Bachelorette Party is in Portland this weekend. Lindsey and I are both working Friday, so we're leaving EARLY Saturday morning for PDX! Made me think... what does proper Road Trip Etiquette look like these days?? Here are my Six Road Trip Rules on the matter. If you have a possible rule to add, email it to me!


1. The person riding shotgun is a co-pilot, not a passenger. Your job as the co-pilot is VERY important. There is no sleeping, and there is no reading. You are supposed to keep your driver awake, alert, and above all else entertained for the duration of the trip! 


2.  The driver gets to pick the music for the first hour. Let your fearless leader set the tone for the trip with whatever he/she feels like listening to in kicking off the adventure. If your driver doesn't have a preference, he or she gets to elect the DJ for the first hour.


3.  Pack snacks to save a few bucks. The road trip snack bag and cooler are GOLDEN! Keeps your tummy from rumbling AND keeps you on schedule with no need to stop for a roadside meal. Pro tips: beef jerky, Pringles, pretzels, sandwiches, coffee, chocolate,  water, and maybe some fruit options... just for good measure.


4.  Everyone pees when you make a pit stop. Even if you stop and you DON'T think you have to go - GO!! Or else 30 minutes later, you'll be stopping again. 


5.  Chip in for gas. Everyone should throw down some gas money. You might consider letting the owner of the road trip car off the hook for putting the miles on their rig! Split it equally among the rest. 


6.  Sight-see. I'm not saying stop at every dam along the way (that's literally a page straight out of my childhood), but if there's a legendary waterfall, a haunted mansion, or a brewery you've always wanted to see - DO IT! Life's short. See the thing you want to see. 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly