Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Seattle's Coolest Music Venues

April 4, 2017

Photo Credit: "Iron" Mike Savoia

In honor of #SeattleRockDay, it seems appropriate to highlight just how incredibly kick-ass our local music venues are! Almost every night of the week, you'll find local bands bringing in a solid crowd of rock fans at these hot spots. Some of Seattle's most famous bands got their start performing in some of these places, a few under different names than way back when. But to this day, our local venues are thriving, keeping us ever-so passionate about music and the bands who make us move.


1. High Dive, Fremont - There is ALWAYS something going down at the High Dive at the corner where North 36th Street turns into Fremont Place North. I think I've seen almost every musical genre in this rad spot, and they always have an IPA or two on tap. Don't miss the EP Release Party for Devils Hunt Me Down the last Friday in April! They're bringing along Year Of The Cobra, Woodshed and Hundred Loud for an extra rockin' party.


2. The Crocodile, Belltown - On the corner of 2nd and Blanchard is a KILLER club with a raised stage and a super cool bar, where the likes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Mudhoney and The Melvins played historic shows. I absolutely love the fact that as a shorter gal, I can always see the bands due to the stage set-up! Next Friday, check out Iron Dragon, Superfekta, LocoMotive and Asterhouse

3. Showbox at the Market, Downtown Seattle - A legendary Seattle venue across from Pike Place Market, the Showbox has hosted everyone from Foo Fighters to Les Claypool's Frog Brigade over the years. I still remember my mom letting me go to a concert at The Showbox by myself in high school (I felt so cool), and I've been frequenting this place ever since. I was just there a few weeks ago for Social Distortion! Mark your calendar for June 3rd - your Seattle Rock Rumble champs Windowpane are playing with Van Eps, Kiss The Gunner's Daughter, Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage and Mach Society

4. El Corazon, Denny Triangle - You probably remember it best as the Off-Ramp or Graceland, but El Corazon is still home to some of Seattle's most bad ass shows! They even have an adjoining second venue now, so be sure to check out Funhouse as well. Almost every night of the week, something fantastic is happening inside, and the bartenders happen to be some of my favorite people in the area! This Friday night you should be there for Alive She Cried - The Doors Experience, who you might remember from KISW's Live Day! They'll be playing with Digital Chemistry


5. Highway 99 Blues Club, Seattle's Waterfront - Under the viaduct between Pike and Union, you'll find a beautiful brick building built in 1909 that's home to some of the best food from the Bayou. It's also home to one of the best blues clubs in the country - the Highway 99 Blues Club. Owner Ed Maloney runs this feel-good spot with a lot of love for blues artists and the history of the genre, and you feel it the second you walk in the doors. Be sure to catch The Chris Eger Band this Thursday night!


This doesn't even being to scrape the tip of the iceberg of Seattle's great music venues, but it's a start, and there are SO many great concerts coming up this spring! See you there. :)


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly