Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Second-Hand Sports

April 26, 2016
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As you may know, I am a broad on a budget. I coupon, I love a good deal, I save my money... some would call me a cheap-ass but I prefer the term FRUGAL! Case in point - I picked up my new bicycle for just $60. SCORE!!!


I am a huge fan of outdoor activities and recreation, but sometimes buying the gear "new" is just WAY out of budget. Fishing poles, a bicycle, ski or snowboard gear... it can run you a pretty penny, especially if you're trying out a sport or hobby that's new to you, and you're not quite ready to fully commit. Or what if you have kids?! They grow out of their stuff SO fast. That's why I love to shop for used gear. Not only can you still find high-quality brands at a fraction of the price, you can see if the activity actually clicks with your personality or skills! 


There are SO many incredible deals to be had at some of these spots:


1. Play It Again Sports - Multiple Locations, WA: My family has been visiting Play It Again Sports locations for YEARS. As a family of six, we were big fans of hand-me-downs, used gear, and consignment. They have 7 locations in the state of WA, and they have EVERY sport, hobby, and activity covered.


2.  Second Ascent - Ballard, WA: Their store is GORGEOUS, first off! And you can buy new, gently used, or even pick up rental equipment. This is great place for cyclists, climbers, snow sport enthusiasts, and campers. Basically all things "outdoorsy" can be found here! 


3.  Score! Used Sports Gear - Olympia, WA:  This is the place for parents in Thurston County. Score! has a mission of helping children access gently used gear so that they can participate in sports without a huge financial burden. Kids outgrow shoes, clothes, even mitts and shin-guards SO fast that this is really the way to go. 


The weather is already awesome this spring, so get out there and try something NEW without breaking the bank, or encourage your kids to give a new sport a whirl. 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly