Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Snowy Oyster Dome Hike

January 17, 2017


This weekend, I joined a few dozen other passionate and outdoors-y folks in the filming of a documentary by Endless Film Production regarding the potential deforestation of one of MY favorite hikes: Oyster Dome.


Oyster Dome lookout has been one of my treasured recreational escapes for several years, but it's currently facing the threat of clear cutting. Accessible from either Chuckanut Drive or Barrel Springs Road off the Alger exit, some of the trees along the trails have already been cut down, and I was pretty shocked to see the aftermath. I was told the clearning in the photo below happened more than two years ago. It didn't look like any replanting had happened, but maybe I'm missing something. 


As we continued up the trail, you could see a TON of trees with neon pink markers on them. We hopped off the path to take a look. For me, it was impossible to picture the familiar hike without them.


Along the way, I got to meet MANY new friends from all over the place... Seattle, Sedro-Woolley, Bellingham, Everett... all with a shared love for our beloved Oyster Dome! Even met a few Rockaholics. One guy said, "You know who you sound a lot like? Taryn Daly, she works at a radio station in Seattle." And I said, "I AM her!!!" That was pretty funny :) 

We stopped at Lily Lake, which was frozen solid and snow-covered, surrounded by the most beautiful green. Again, impossible to picture the trees NOT being there. When the lake is thawed out, this is one of Kona-girl's favorite swimming holes! Such a gorgeous, dog-friendly hike!


Just a little while later, we arrived at the sweet reward of the lookout, and there were probably 60 people at the top enjoying their lunches, snapping frame-worthy photos and discussing our love for this special place we love so much. Sunday was such a clear day, you could see and identify all of the San Juan Islands, plus take in breathtaking views of Skagit County farmland. LOVE the view from the top!


I think it's pretty bad ass that we get to live where we do. The main thing I love about Western WA is the green of our trees, and it's definitely what makes hikes like this one extra magical. Again, I can't even fathom these hikes with the clear cutting that's threatening Blanchard Mountain. 


If you'd like more information on the fight to #SaveBlanchardMountain and why this is happening at all, you can check out Conservation Northwest's breakdown of the severity of the situation. Without critical funding, the next phase of this deforestation could happen this summer.  


Now, you might be asking yourself what YOU can do to help! The biggest help is advocating. Talk to your elected officials and local decision makers. Let your voice be heard. Take a moment to send an action alert to contact legislators and the governor. 


Be sure to subscribe to Endless Film Production's YouTube Channel, which is where the documentary will be rolled out in the coming weeks! I'm so excited for everyone to check it out! A lot of hard work by some incredibly passionate people is going into this, and you can help share the message after the video debuted! 


Thank you, fellow adventurers, for your interest and support! 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly



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