Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: STOP! Hammock Time.

June 28, 2016

I guess you could argue that hammocks can be used year round, and I don't disagree with that in the slightest, but in the summertime, I spend a LOT more time in a hammock than I do any other time of year! There's something about falling asleep with a cool breeze enveloping you while you sway slightly back and forth. Birds chirping, leaves rustling... that is nature's lullaby! It's probably the most relaxing place to hang out - no pun intended. 


One of my college graduation presents was a nylon hammock that resembled parachute material. It was HUGE, extremely sturdy, and you could wrap yourself up like a cocoon. That hammock was my gateway hammock...


My brother is a bit of a hammock enthusiast as well, and he's set up a few at our family cabin for everyone to enjoy. This was me taking a load off recently. Doesn't it look rough?!

This just came in the mail last week, and we set it up in our backyard today. It's kind of a hammock/couch hybrid, if you will. It's an evrgrn Downtime Hammock and it is AWESOME. Plus, I got it on sale!  

It says it holds up to 650 pounds, so Brad and I could easily pile the dogs onto it with us! You know how I feel about puppy cuddles...The set up was super easy, and it gave me some time to "hang-out" before leaving for Seattle earlier. Oh - and it has little "stash pockets" on each side so you can throw a beer or some other paraphernalia in there. I can't wait to take a nap in it this weekend! Here's the view from my new favorite hang out spot:


Whatever your summertime plans may consist of over these next few months, I hope they include some hammock time! 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly