Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Tips For Keeping Your Pets Cool When Temps Rise

July 31, 2017

If you've taken a peek at the forecast lately, we have some SUPER hot temps on the rise, and it's critical we keep our pets safe when it heats up. Sometimes we forget just how much the heat can affect our fur babies, so check out these tips as our summer gets even hotter.


1. Don't leave your pet in a hot car. We have all seen the news stories. It's unbelievable just how hot it can get inside a parked car. Check out what happened when Arizona Cardinal's Tyrann Mathieu stayed in a car for a mere 8 minutes on a 90-degree day...


2. Keep your pets hydrated with fresh, clean water. And even more so when the temperatures are surging. It's important they have a cool place to lounge in the shade, but keep them indoors when it gets too hot outside. I had a scary experience with my Kona last summer without realizing it was too hot for fetch.

3. A lot of dog owners give their dogs a summer haircut, but make sure you are not shaving your dog or cat completely . Their coats work as warmth in the winter, but also work to keep them cool in the summer. When you shave an animal, they are also susceptible to sunburn. Be certain to brush your dog or cat to remove any excess fur in the summertime. 

4. If you're taking your pet for a walk, be super cautious of hot asphalt. When the surface gets too warm, it can burn the pads of their paws. Early morning or late evening walks are best. If you have a dog park in the area, that's a great place to walk around without the threat of hot asphalt!


The next few days are going to be SCORCHING! Make sure your pups are safe as the temps start to rise. And give them a scratch for me, too!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly