Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Tomorrow is Record Store Day!

April 15, 2016
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It's one of my FAVORITE days of the year, Rockaholics! Record Store Day 2016 is TOMORROW and you should definitely take time to be a part of it. 

Record Store Day was born in 2007 and celebrates the unique culture within the world of record stores. It's the staff. It's the bands. It's the customers. It's the record labels. We ALL come together once a year to thank our record stores for being such a special part of our communities. 

There are special products, album re-releases, live performances, unique vinyl offerings, and more that are all centered around Record Store Day. Although it's only celebrated once a year, it's a great reminder to support our music communities and the amazing people who are committed to keeping this culture alive and thriving. 

There are SO MANY record stores in WA participating this year, and you can find the full list here. I have a couple favorite hot spots you should consider visiting, too!

If you're a far-north enter, be sure to stop into Avalon in Bellingham! Not only do they have a monster collection of vinyl, they also sell your favorite smoke accessories. Talk about two birds, one stone!

In Seattle, you should check out Sonic Boom Records in Ballard! I could nerd-out in here for HOURS. If you're a vinyl collector like I am, they always have some seriously rad finds. Down south in Olympia, Rainy Day Records is fantastic. Again, vinyl-freaks NEED TO SHOP HERE. You'll always find those obscurities you thought you'd never come across. If you happen to be east of the mountains, Hot Poop in Walla Walla is my JAM! It's one of those places you can get lost in forever. And I honestly feel like it should be featured in a movie. If you have a favorite record store, shoot me an email with the deets! 

Shop locally tomorrow, Rockaholics! Support your friendly neighborhood record store. Keep this tradition alive and keep our record stores booming with business not just tomorrow, but all year long!

Happy Adventuring,

Taryn Daly