Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Visit FX McRory's Before The Move

May 16, 2017

If you visit the home of just about any relative on my dad's side of the family, myself included, you'll see a framed print of LeRoy Neiman's legendary FX McRory's Whiskey Bar painting. There's even a print in St. Louis, MO. We all keep the art in our entry way as a reminder of a place filled with fond memories as we come and go. You can see it in the background of a photo I took before a themed party ;)

Ready for the Old People's Party

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For years it has been a family tradition to gather there before Mariner's games or a reunion dinner when relatives are in town. Earlier today, my cousin dug up this photo from at least 15 years ago before we headed into the baseball game.


Yesterday, I learned that FX McRory's will be moving, but proprietor Mick McHugh hasn't disclosed the details just yet. 


The building, built in 1906, has a new owner with a dream of retrofitting the basement, so FX McRory's will need to find a new home after living in this space since 1977. I started thinking about what it would mean to move the marble bar. It's reportedly 90-something feet long, and houses more than 1,600 bottles. *Side note: I think I've sampled most of them :)


As we gear up for a change in what I consider a family tradition, I hope you'll visit FX McRory's in it's home for the past 40 years once last time! Whether you pop by before a Sounders or Mariners game, or stop in for happy hour after work, come toast one of Seattle's favorite gathering places. The bar will close its doors at the current location on the corner of Occidental and King on  June 11th. 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly