Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: WOODSHED plays my hometown Friday night!

Catch them at Leather Heads Firehouse Restaurant at 9pm

July 13, 2017

Three of my FAVORITE dudes in the world make up one of my FAVORITE local bands, and I'm pretty much FREAKING OUT that WOODSHED is playing in my hometown of Stanwood Friday night. In the past, I've referred to them as what would happen if Alice In Chains and Mastodon had a baby. I think you should come out to the recently re-opened Leather Heads tomorrow and see...er, hear, rather... for yourself!


In watching them and hearing the sound they generate as a trio, you'd NEVER think there were only three guys on stage.


Hunter absolutely crushes on the vocals, and he can do it all. Scream, sing, growl, croon, mess around with the talk box like a boss, everything. All while completely shredding! You'll be impressed, nay, MESMERIZED!


Nathan on bass is one of the most quirky performers you'll ever watch live! You will likely wish you were as cool as he is. I can assure you, you are not ;) Haha but in all seriousness, he's MAGNIFICENT!


Jacob works wonders on drums, and he could very well be an octopus. Still unconfirmed, but I'm a believer. You'll hear insane control and ALL the loudness! I dare say he's CAPTIVATING!


Van Conner of Screaming Trees launched Strange Earth Records, wisely bringing WOODSHED onto the label. I am STOKED to report that they are back in the studio working on their follow up to Hands In The Sky. That record is consistently in my car's CD player because it rocks so damn hard. Check out my favorite track 'Squatch': 


If you're not already a WOODSHED fan, you certainly will be after tomorrow night. Come hang at Leather Heads, Rockaholics!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly