WATCH: Top Left TV interviews Rev 3 & Celia the crew visits Lacy Gibbet & the 3 x 3 x 3 teen bands

July 9, 2018

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Every single week, we're treated to Loud & Local shows throughout the greater Puget Sound area featuring some of the top talent from the PNW. As Seattle's local music scene continues to grow and thrive, Top Left TV brings the bands' stories to life to give you a closer look at what's going on behind the music.


I absolutely LOVE working with the amazing folks who bring Top Left TV to the people, making new friends every time we get together. A few weeks ago, we chatted with the fabulous folks from Rev 3 and Celia, plus visited with Lacey Gibbet and the teen bands from the 3 x 3 x 3 showcase - LocoMotive, Butter Boy and Splitting Silence


Can't wait for the next Scene and Heard episode - stay tuned! Keep supporting your local scene, my babes and babettes!


Happy Rocking,


Taryn Daly



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