On The Vinyl Hunt?

January 13, 2016

As you may have seen, I procured a vintage record player and reciver from my parents before the holidays (they had been in storage longer than I've been alive, which as of Tuesday, is 31 years). I had them refurbished as a Christmas present for my boyfriend! Neither he nor I have been into vinyl for YEARS, but I had always dreamed of getting back into it and starting a collection. My friends Jess and Steve steered me to Hawthorne Stereo near the U District, and they took the 40 year old system and got 'em back in working order! Our little vinyl nook is now my favorite corner of the house. 

Now, we are scouring the earth for some of our favorite records! In my record store shopping, I have had some RAD finds. The Allman Brothers Band "Brothers & Sisters", Elvis Presley's Christmas album, some Eagles, some Van Halen, some Stones... I am getting addicted QUICKLY! Here are three of my favorite friendly neighborhood record stores:

1. Avalon Records - Bellingham, WA: I love this shop because it is well organized, impressively stocked, and worthy of an entire afternoon of browsing! The staff is extremely knowledgable and will happily make a special order for you. The selection of new music is impressive. Brad picked up Exit Stage Left yesterday. 

2.  Bargain CDs, Records, & Tapes - Everett, WA: A long-time downtown Everett staple, this space reminds me of my favorite movie - Empire Records! You can tell the people browsing are all repeat clientele a thousand times over. We all know our way around the stacks, but if you're new, the staff is so helpful and will help locate just about anything for you. 

3.  M & L Records & Models - Seattle, WA: I stopped in here just a few weeks ago for the first time, but I will definitely be back soon! If you're looking for great deals and hard-to-find vinyl, check them out. It's a quirky spot with a ton of vintage inventory. 

If you know of a record store, please email me the details so I can pay them a visit! 

Happy Adventuring,

Taryn Daly