Warm-Up Springtime Hikes

February 23, 2016

We have had one of the wettest winters on record, which means a lot of our favorite trails haven't been super accessible these past few months. That being said, the rain is tapering off and I'm planning out some great springtime hikes to get me ready for more challenging treks later in the s pring and summer. If you want to ease into it with me, here are a few spring hikes to get your legs in gear! 

Fragrance Lake - Bellingham: One of my favorite quick hikes out of Bellingham, Fragrance L ake is part of Larrabee State Park off Chuckanut Drive. At 5.5 miles round trip and just shy of 1,000 feet in elevation gain, you'll get spoiled with peek-a-boo views of Samish Bay and the San Juan Islands on your hike. Pack a lunch and bring the pooches! There are lots of great benches around the lake for relaxing and great swimming for the dogs (and people, too, if you like). My sister and I had a BLAST up there last spring with the dogs. 

Boulder River Waterfall - Mountain Loop Highway: This is a pretty popular spot this time of year! It's a gentle grade, gaining about 700 feet of elevation, and just shy of 9 miles round trip. Once you make it to the Boulder River Wilderness sign, the river is not far off. Just a bit further, and you'll reach the first double waterfall! Another waterfall is a short distance beyond it. Truly a beautiful trip into the forest!!

Rattlesnake Ridge - North Bend: At 4 miles round trip, this hike can easily become a weekend habit! It's busy at times, so going early is a good idea. The switchbacks will take you up 1,100 feet of elevation gain faster than you expect! The views of Rattlesnake Lake and Mount Si are insanely rewarding. Keep your eyes peeled for KISW's fearless leader Sergeant Hairclub and his prized pup Shelby the Golden Retriever - they are up there just about every weekend. 

Where do you like to get your hike on? Have a good warm up hike for me? Being the north ender that I am, I haven't ventured south much! Do you have any south-sound hikes you can recommend? If so, hit me up with an email so I can explore!

Happy Adventuring!

Taryn Daly