WATCH: Local teen band LocoMotive on TopLeft TV!

Rock Blog: World Premier of "The Story Is Short"

November 14, 2017

Ever sit and think about the future of rock music, thinking to yourself, "What's next?" The answer to that question is LocoMotive, and they just premiered a music video with TopLeft TV.


Local Snoqualmie-based teens Bella Mariani (vocals and bass) plus the Horn brothers Ethan (drums) and Ryan (guitar) make up this incredibly talented young band. They give us all reason to be excited about what's next for the Seattle rock scene. They've played nearly every cool venue in the area and have released three albums. But only two of them can legally drive a car! It's an inspiration, to say the least, watching three teens embarking on such a journey, and TopLeft TV captured the magic in a bad-ass feature, premiering their new video for "The Story Is Short" off the album h'Supertornado. Check out the good times had at Tony V's Garage!


For me, it was a really magical day. Getting the invite to be a part of this feature and spotlighting three INSANELY talented young, local musicians was a dream! On top of that, seeing a ton of my favorite local musicians encouraging, supporting and fostering the music of LocoMotive was deeply moving. You could feel the energy in the moment, and TopLeft TV captured it perfectly to share with the world! 


Thank you to Kyyle, Andy and the team at TopLeft TV for having me involved! I'll never forget it! And to LocoMotive, you have a fan for life right here - a true LocoMotivator! Keep on rocking in the free world! 


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Believe the hype and catch LocoMotive at Real Art Tacoma on December 2nd!


Happy Rocking,


Taryn Daly