Weird Al announces two nights at The Paramount w/ full orchestra

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November 12, 2018


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After a few weeks of teasing a 2019 tour with a symphony orchestra, Weird All has announced his 'Strings Attached' tour, and it will be coming to Seattle for two nights.

We just announced all the dates for my 2019 Strings Attached tour on!!! (Okay, full disclosure, not ALL the dates - we can’t announce 3 of them yet for contractual reasons - but we’re announcing 62 out of 65 of them, and saying “all the dates” just sounds better than “~95.3846% of the dates.” I hope you will forgive my rounding up.)

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On Friday August 16th and Saturday August 17th, you can experience all that is Weird Al as he performs all of the hits and classics, like "Eat It", "Amish Paradise" and "White & Nerdy". Tickets go on sale this Friday November 16th at 10am through

To see the full list of tour dates, head to


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