THIS is why I love Halloween

Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: My favorite Halloween costumes

October 30, 2017

Halloween has always been a BIG deal in my family, and I know I take dressing up very seriously because my parents always took dressing up very seriously! My mom was a master face-painter and loved getting us ready to Trick-Or-Treat. To this day, my folks house is still a gathering place for others on the spooky holiday!


My personal stance on Halloween has almost ALWAYS been to generate laughs with my costume, even as a kid!These past few years, I have been really into fun couples costumes with Brad, even taking 1st place last year as Ann & Nancy Wilson of Heart! Did I mention Brad is a total trooper and a SAINT when it comes to rolling with my crazy ideas?


Here's a look back at some of my favorites:


Halloween 2017: The Black Swan and The White Swan 

The Black Swan and the White Swan...

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Halloween 2016: "Mann" & Nancy Wilson of Heart


Halloween 2015: Steve Sarkisian and a bottle of Patron

#Repost @bradkism with @repostapp ・・・ Coach Sark called for an all out blitz last weekend with his #patron and Coors light #happyhalloween

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Halloween 2014: Movie stars from the 1940s in grayscale


Halloween 2013: Pot Brownies - one literal and one a great play on words, and of course we found Willie Nelson.


If you already dressed up this past weekend or have a fabulous costume from a previous year, I want to see your photos, so send me an email with a pic! Have a KILLER Halloween night tomorrow, and may your children bring home oodles of candy for you to steal.


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly