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Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Bike MS Deception Pass Classic

September 11, 2017

I participated in my 3rd Bike MS: Deception Pass Classic over the weekend, and I can't express it enough - this event means the world to me. And for the first time, I rode BOTH days with a TEAM of riders! From setting up Camp KISW to emceeing the Saturday night rally once again, everything about this weekend was special, but it wasn't always easy...


Saturday morning, we gathered at our campsite and prepared for a rainy ride. Some were planning to do 59 miles, some 80 and some 100. The forecast looked ugly, but that didn't stop us from riding! I had 6 amazing teammates - Korry, Steve A., Arne, J.J., Steve C. and Jeff:

Here we goooooo!!! @bike_ms #BikeMS #WhyIRide #EndMS #multiplesclerosis

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I have a tradition with my mom, who has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for 8 years, to have her pin my bib number on me before we head through the start:


On the first half of the ride, we had two tire issues. J.J. got a flat just after the 2nd rest stop, and Jeff completely blew a tire shortly after that. Unfortunately, the bike mechanic team didn't have the exact equipment to fix Jeff's bike, so we were down one rider. But he met us at the halfway point for lunch at Deception Pass State Park after we rode across the iconic bridge in awe! For as nasty as it had been, it cleared up quite a bit when we crossed. It was magical!

Arne and Steve C. took off for the 80 and 100 mile routes while J.J., Steve A., Korry and I made our way back toward the Skagit County Fairgrounds on the 59 mile route. THAT is when the rain really started to come down. We were soaked to the bone, freezing cold and ready to be back at camp. Steve A. and J.J. took off ahead and Korry and I hung behind, when not 5 miles from the finish line Korry got not one, but TWO flat tires! As we were changing out the 2nd tube, J.J. circled back after having already crossed the finish line to see how we were doing, then J.J. got a flat!!! NO JOKE! It was like we couldn't win! Altogether, 5 tire issues for our team throughout the day. But we happily crossed the finish line completely drenched and showed off our victory medals.


Wet, cold and totally worth it. 59 miles and $3000+ raised for my mom!!! #BikeMS #WhyIRide #MultipleSclerosis #EndMS

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For the 3rd year, I was honored to emcee the Saturday night rally where all of the riders came together to celebrate teams, fundraising and volunteers. It was FABULOUS as usual, and thanks to our husband and wife guest speaker duo, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Collectively, this ride raised $1.4 million! UNREAL! 

After the rally, there was a KICK ASS 80s party, complete with Skee Ball and a GIANT Pac-Man, plus arcade games, a dance party, munchies, drinks and general Bike MS comradery. 

When the party ended, Team KISW came back to camp for a few late night IPAs. We hit the sack and prepared for our Sunday morning which was VASTLY different than the day before! Steve A., Steve C., Arne and I rode a gorgeous 26 mile route through Skagit farmlands and the beautiful Bayview community. Of course we had to stop for a photo op since it was such a perfect day!

Crossing the finish line with these guys was a MAJOR accomplishment for me. They are more advanced than I am, and they even waited for me to catch up at the end so we could cross together! I am thrilled to have a new group of rider friends, and we are all excited about our team growing in the years to come! Thank you all SO much! We raised more than $6,000 for the National MS Society and made every mile count this weekend! I am forever grateful! 


If you want to get involved, you can still donate to the KISW team for 2017! If you'd like to join us next year, please send me an email so I can get you on our list! 


Happy Adventuring, 


Taryn Daly