You don't have to be a baker to make this easy "Quarantine Cake"

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March 26, 2020

As we try not to go completely stir crazy, many of us are heading to the kitchen to pass the time. Best known for her impeccable cookie decorating skills, Arlington's Emily Hutchinison shares a timeless classic - the Depression Cake, which she has cleverly rebranded as the Quarantine Cake.


I made one the other night and it was FANTASTIC! The recipe is super easy, so follow her exact instructions for a delicious treat.

Quarantine Cake AKA Depression Cake This cake originated from the depression era when eggs, milk and butter were harder to come by. Money was tight. Same goes for today. Let’s call this recipe, Quarantine Cake. . Can’t leave your house??? In a pinch? 8 simple ingredients that you probably have in your pantry. This recipe is here to save the day. It’s simple and so easy! NO EGGS, MILK OR BUTTER Preheat oven to 350 degrees INGREDIENTS: (Pre-measure everything before you start) 1 3/4 c flour 1 c white granulated sugar 1/2 tsp table salt 1 heaping tsp baking soda 1/4 c vegetable oil 2 tsp pure vanilla extract 1 tsp white vinegar 1 cup water The baking soda and vinegar activate and magic happens. Mix batter quickly and pour it into your 9x9 sprayed pan with parchment paper. It’s very important to have the pan prepped before you start mixing your pre-measured ingredients. Don’t let the batter sit once mixed or the vinegar and baking soda won’t do it’s job. Bake on 350 for 25-30 minutes, give or take 5 minutes depending on your oven. Once cake cools completely, top with your favorite frosting, homemade preserves or lemon curd. Enjoy --

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It DEFINITELY helped to pre-measure all ingredients, because you have to move fast. And my oven in particular took a little longer to bake, so the baking time can definitely vary depending on yours!


If you're looking for even more baking inspiration, Emily's Creative Cookie Decorating book is available on Amazon.

Practicing peace, patience and slowing WAY down. Taking this 6 week break from school closures and event canceling to just BE. Be with family and give them time--, AND also stay sane --. My most favorite thing in the world is being in the kitchen creating and baking with my kids. You will see some “Welcome to my kitchen” episodes staring Nick, Reese and Mikie. Grab a book if you don’t have one and follow along. This is the perfect time to learn to bake and decorate. Creative Cookie Decorating wants to belong in your home. The messes are worth the memories.

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If you have a great recipe to share, email it to me! 


Stay Home. Stay Healthy. Stay Connected.


Happy Adventuring (from a safe social distance),


Taryn Daly