This is your 'Buy One, Give One' shopping list

Taryn's Wreckreation Guide

April 12, 2018

Everyone is passionate about giving back in some way, shape or form. Whether you volunteer for an organization, donate money to a cause or spread the word about community needs, we're all doing something to give back. There are even companies out there who incorporate giving back into everything they do! Check out these cool organizations who are making huge waves with their missions.


1. Pnwonderland loves the great outdoors and it shows. For every item you purchase from this PNW-based company, they plant FIVE trees! That's their way of keeping the PNW as beautiful as ever. I was recently gifted one of their hats, but once I visited their webside I learned that they have a TON of apparel, accessories, drinkware and more! 

I'm so in love with my new @pnwonderland hat from @c_chellz12! They plant 5 -- for every hat they sell! I'm also so in love with @c_chellz12 --

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2. Diff Eyewear creates some of the most fashionable and affordable eyewear you've every stumbled upon, but on top of that, they do some GOOD with every purchase! Every time you buy a pair of their glasses, they donate a pair of reading glasses to someone in need, often times in communities who do not have access to vision care. 


3. BOGO Bowl is for the animal lover in all of us. When you purchase one of their all-natural pet food products, this company sends a bag of pet food to rescue organizations, shelters and pet pantries. Groups involved with helping animals ALWAYS have a long list of needs, and you can help contribute in a very simple way! 


4. You've probably heard of TOMS shoes, and you've most certainly seen them walking around! With every pair of TOMS shoes sold, a pair of shoes is donated to someone in need. It should be noted that their shoes are EXTREMELY comfortable, lightweight and FUN, with so many great styles and colors to choose from. TOMS has other programs beyond shoes as well. 

The Landen, an easy-going appeal. -- Color way soon to come!

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5. Do you like hygiene? Of course you do! Soapbox Soaps will not only keep YOU clean, they'll make sure someone in need either state-side or abroad also has access to soap and clean water. Their products range from hair care to body wash to hand soaps, items we use EVERY DAY. 

Lending a helping, clean, hand @sundara_fund

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Thanks for checking out these amazing companies and the good they are bringing to others who really need it! 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly