Ted's Blog: Blue Turf/Boise

October 18, 2016

    I have stated many times that college football is a passion of mine, well tailgating college football is a passion of mine. I always enjoy seeing new traditions and different college football stadiums. This year I am going to two different ones and last weekend was the first trip of the season for me. On my first trip of the season I had decided to visit some friends in Boise Idaho and check out the famous blue turf of the Boise State Broncos. First off I have to say that the town of Boise shows up big for a college football Saturday. I was very impressed with the way the whole town was geared up in Broncos gear. From the first bar I went to early on in the day it appeared that everyone in the Boise area had a rooting interest. Now I know what you are asking, how was the tailgate though?


    First I highly recommend you try out a bar right by the stadium called the end zone for some thirty-two once light beers. I have always enjoyed a giant beer but giant beers before a college football game seemed even better. After a couple of those it was time to walk around and check out some other spots. Now I have to tell you again it was so impressive how many people were out in Broncos gear and they were real fired up. Next we headed over to the stadium but first we hit up a tailgate and said hello to some friends. The atmosphere was just like any bigger school I had to been too and some great food. As soon as I got to the tailgate I was handed a chicken wing and a cold beverage and if you know me at all one way to get on my good side is beers and chicken wings. After we had some fun there we headed into the stadium and honestly I was so excited. I get that maybe it is not the biggest deal in the world but for someone like me who is into college football is crazy that I was actually there and checking it out with my own eyes. This ended up being a closer game that the Broncos had expected but they still came out with a win and sometimes in college football that is all that matters. I would have to say overall I was pretty impressed by the fans of Boise State and the atmosphere around the stadium. As I told many people when I was there they should take a lot of pride in that program and what they have accomplished in the last 20 years and how they community shows up on game day. I say great place to check out a game and have some fun. Thanks for the fun time Broncos