Ted's Blog: City Wildlife

May 25, 2016

 Like most people I like to see and entertaining wildlife in the wild but what about everyday wildlife. I ask this because even something as small as a chipmunk when in the forest seems exciting to see but it is still just a chipmunk. The thing is though we don't get really get pumped for wildlife we see everyday and live with on a daily basis. There is a seagull that likes to stop by our deck here at work and get close to people and enjoy the sun. Now I know what you are saying which is how do I know it's always the same seagull? Well I don't, in fact outside of tagging a seagull not sure there is a way to know but for these purposes let's just say it is the same seagull and he likes to visit the deck at our studios. Now I see seagulls everyday like most people in Seattle but how often to you actually see them up close and see how powerful of a bird it is. I just noticed yesterday as I was looking at the bird while sharing the deck that the bird is a beast of a bird. I starting thinking about other city creatures like squirrels and pigeons and realizing that they are still wild animals but we just live with them. Why should we not be impressed by the city animals, I mean they are like us and like the city. I starting to think these animals are pretty smart since food is easy to come by in the city. Next time you pass a city animal, be impressed and remember is your wild neighbor.