Ted's Blog: Time to Travel

June 29, 2016

    A couple of weeks ago I went to Crater Lake down in Oregon. It was a beautiful place to see and what a fun road trip to get there. See we had a week off coming up and I wanted to do something and see something different and I was watching PBS one night a saw a special on National Parks. There is a lot of National Parks out there in the USA, I picked Crater Lake because it's cool and it's the one I could drive too. Last year when I was driving to Burning Man I had found a Best Western in a small town called La Pine which is about ninety miles north of the park. Now the great thing about this Best Western is it has a 24 hour indoor pool and hot tub. People know I love a pool and hot tub, so I drove down and stayed there for a couple nights and spent a day in the National Park. The lake itself was so awesome and beautiful but when I got to the point you could see the lake it was freezing. It was a legit 35 degrees and everything was snow covered. It was like being in a different world and pretty cool stuff. The other really cool part was just driving around and meeting different people. The Pacific Northwest is so pretty and I drove over mountain passes, though some desert and ended up in snow. When I was in La Pine one night I decided to hit up the local bar and made some new friends but trust me I had to put in some work to win them over. Travel is always good in my mind to go and see other things and I recommend if you have a trip you have been thinking about to go and take it.