Pork Chops That Pop with Thee Head Chef

November 15, 2019

Thee Head Chef had some ideas for your upcoming pork chop cooking and YES, the meat you buy matters!

You can make them on the grill, stovetop, in the oven, crockpot and beyond, but the quality of meat goes a very long way and that's where Butcher Box delivers. Literally. 

High-quality pork, beef, fish, bacon...you name it, they'll deliver the best to your door and just like that, you're cookin'! They take the guessing out of choosing the right cut or best quality meats. Hit them up at ButcherBox.com/MensRoom and lock in 20% off your first box. You're welcome.

Check out Thee Head Chef's suggestions on ways to prepare your chops:


Dry rubs, sauces, marinades - don't limit yourself on how you prepare them! An overnight marinade does most of the work for you. Just make sure not to overcook them and you're all set to satisfy.

That overnight Mesquite marinade? Easy peasy.


And, of course, Mike's first Shake n' Bake converted him into a believer.

Never underestimate your ability to expand someone else's palate. 

Thee Head Chef, Thee Ted Nougat, out.