Tribute to Fallen Soldiers Memorial Torch Run

July 14, 2020
Torch Ride

Ray Humphreys


A few weeks back, we were contacted by photographer Ray Humphreys who was planning on attending and documenting the 11th Annual Memorial Torch Run conducted by the Tribute to Fallen Soldiers MC.

Every year, the MC takes off from Eugene Oregon on a 22-day voyage to Arlington National Cemetery, bringing along with them an ever-burning torch and a single American Flag. While on the journey, they make multiple stops along the way to the families of the fallen heroes of the nation, presenting them with their "Memorial Plaque of Distinguished Service" and ask them to sign their flag.

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Protecting the torch throughout the ride, they make their way to Arlington National Cemetery in Washington. It is there that they conduct their closing ceremony, where the name of each fallen soldier is announced, along with the honor of the single ring of a bell.

Ray got ahold of us and asked if we'd be willing to equip this crew with the KISW face mask. We were happy to, but funding was the issue. That's where Kyle and The Advocates came to the rescue and completely funded ALL of the masks for the MC, but they didn't stop there. So moved by the mission of this club, The Advocates put forward an ADDITIONAL $2,500 donation to fund the voyage. Making sure that they all had enough gas, food, and housing to complete their mission.

Kyle and The Advocates have challenged all of us to dig deep as well, to see to it that the Tribute to Fallen Soldiers can finish their task of honoring fallen heroes. If you would like to donate to this cause, here's the link to their website where you can learn even more, and donate!

Thank you Ray. Thank you Kyle and The Advocates. And thank YOU Rockaholics.