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The NHL Playoffs of Disappointment

I watch a lot of sports, but the one sport I don't watch enough of is the National Hockey League. Hockey is a great sport and sometimes I wish I knew more about it, but as a kid it was one of the few sports I did not play. I have a great friend of min,e Steve Migs from our morning show and he is a... Read More

Opening Day is in Play!

An American tradition is Opening Day for baseball. Major Leagues Baseball kicked off this week and opening day is a great event. My buddy Bernie goes every year to see the Baltimore Orioles first game with his boys and my cousin Tom does the same with his kids. Heck, my man Mike Hawk is pumped for... Read More

Spring Training Frenzy!

Winter can be cold and dark, but you know what is not cold and dark? Spring Training. I went to Arizona a few years ago for spring training and it was glorious. I say glorious because if you are like me and live in a place that is not always warm or sunny in the winter, the weather number one is... Read More

Sounders of the Season Are Back Soon!

So it is that time of year once again! The return of Major League Soccer and your Seattle Sounders FC. It seems like just a couple months ago the season ended because, thankfully, the Sounders have played in the last two MLS Cups. I won't lie, the season kind of crept up on me and before we knew it... Read More

NBA Plus Drama!

Drama is not something people seek out unless you are not involved...then it can be fun to watch, thus so many who love reality TV! I, like some people, don't really care about reality TV too much, but I do like getting my drama from the original reality TV - sports. This brings me to the National... Read More

Ready to Bowl?

It seems like just a very few shorts month ago, I was writing about watching the NFL preseason to get my football fix and now, like a junkie, I am telling you to watch the Senior Bowl. I love college football and soccer and I am sad that college football is over. I will end up watching the senior... Read More

Did You Witness the Miracle?!

Last Sunday may have been the best finish to an NFL playoff game ever! The Minnesota Vikings were hosting the New Orleans Saints in the divisional round and this game, keep in mind, was right after a great AFC match up in Pittsburg with the Jacksonville Jaguars. So, the Vikings come out to a big... Read More

Playoffs! Sweet, Sweet Playoffs!

So, last week I wrote about how cool I thought it was that the Buffalo Bills were in the NFL playoffs and if you did not have a team, why not cheer for them? Well, turns out Buffalo did not have a passing offense and lost that now I am back looking for a playoff bandwagon to jump on. I... Read More

Get into the Buff Already!

I grew up in the Washington DC area in Prince Georges County and grew up a Washington fan. I remember when we beat the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl and, as kids made fun of the Bills. As an adult, I am pumped to see the Buffalo Bills back in the playoffs. Buffalo had the longest drought in... Read More

NFL Fight Night?

Last weekend, we saw some of the craziest fighting I have ever seen in the National Football League. A year ago, Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib got into a big fight when they played and it seemed to have started when Talib grabbed Crabtree's chain and ripped it off. Now that one seemed crazy, but... Read More