Did You Witness the Miracle?!

January 18, 2018

Last Sunday may have been the best finish to an NFL playoff game ever! The Minnesota Vikings were hosting the New Orleans Saints in the divisional round and this game, keep in mind, was right after a great AFC match up in Pittsburg with the Jacksonville Jaguars. So, the Vikings come out to a big lead to start off the game and first half, but the Saints as Saints tend to do they came back in the second half and it seemed that the Saints had the game in hand with time running out. The game seemed so much in hand as the final seconds were ticking away that the coach of the Saints, Sean Payton was seen talking trash to the Minnesota fans. There were ten seconds left in the game and all Minnesota had to do is get a field goal and win the game...but they throw a pass to Stefon Diggs and the defender falls down and Diggs runs into the end zone! As he runs in, time expires and the Vikings win in what was the first ever "walk off" in NFL playoff history.

The only thing that was awesome about that finish is how final it was. I loved when Stefon Diggs gets in the end zone the clock is on zero and he just chucked his helmet into the end zone. The whole place is going crazy and Diggs is just standing there as the man that got it done. I hear some people saying right now that it was not that great of a play because the defender fell down and Diggs just ran into the end zone, but he still had to make the catch and stay inbounds. I should also mention I am a Stefon Diggs guy since he went to the University Of Maryland (Go Terps) and even my nephew, CJ rocks his Vikings jersey. At this point, I do hope that the Vikings go on to the Super Bowl since they are the host city, but the Philadelphia Eagles are tough and the Vikings have to go there and win. Whatever happens in the NFC Championship game, the Vikings and Stefon Diggs will have a play that lasts in NFL playoff history and for a guy like me with no rooting interest? It was a great game to watch.