First Pitches

August 31, 2017

In this world, you have goals and dreams growing up you wish to one day accomplish. Going to a baseball game and throwing out the first pitch was always a dream of mine. I have yet to get to throw one out at a Major League Baseball game, but have had the honor of throwing out a first pitch at two different Minor League games. It is such a fun thing and an honor to throw out the first pitch. If you are reading this and thinking it's not an honor to throw out the first pitch, you probably have yet to have had the chance. I still remember the first time I got to do it and it was awesome. I had my buddy Justin come over the day before and we practiced in the alley throwing the distance from the mound to the plate (which is sixty feet and six inches). So the thing is, once you get on the field and see the people up in the stands, you start to get a little nervous. It's not the most packed stadium in the world, but it is a Sunday afternoon and a few people recognize me and I am feeling the pressure. I walk out there, met the catcher and told him I wanted to toe the rubber. He reaction was ok. "If you think you got this, go for it", he said. I start my windup from the mound and BOOM, throw one over the plate, but in no way was it fast or a strike. It was a slow pitch that was too high so it was a ball.

If you are looking at the photo on this blog and wondering who the girl is and what is happening...Well, that is Miss Florida and she is falling right after throwing a first pitch at a Florida Marlins game. See, that is the thing you have to remember about this, folks. It can be dangerous throwing out a first pitch. I am kidding, but for  herit was since she was in heels. And sorry, but Miss Florida is beautiful and it's funny to see her falling. The other thing that I would call dangerous is the fact you can look really dumb throwing out that first pitch. I can't and won't write a blog on first pitches going bad and not mention 50 cent. He has one of the all-time worst ones and that was at a Mets game. I think the first pitch is so awesome because in most sports you get to flip a coin or something as the special guest, but with baseball you get on the field like one of the players. Throwing out the first pitch at a minor league game was living out a fantasy for me and I just could not help myself but post the funny picture of the first pitch gone wrong. Drink it in.