Fog Football the Best Football?

October 23, 2017

You might not know this about me, but besides sports I also really like weather. I like to watch weather as it approaches and see if the storm will be as big or small as predicted. One exciting thing I like about football and soccer is that the sports for the most part are played outside with no cancellations except for lighting strikes. I like baseball, but baseball in the rain does not work and basketball is an indoor sport. I remember being a kid and if it snowed it was reason to get outside and play football! Snow games are usually pretty memorable and rain or cold temperatures can make for a crazy game too. Just look at the NFL and some of the names, The Ice Bowl is one of the more famous ones that comes to mind and until last night I thought the fog bowl would live in infamy. I say until because the weather in the North East had some other ideas.

The original fog bowl was in 1988 between The Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears and I was kid, but I remember the game thinking how crazy it was with all that fog. Last night, as that fog started to roll in on New England and the Atlanta Falcons I was sent right back to that game in 1988. I was in shock as the it could be happening again, but then I thought its only the second time it has happened maybe it is not that crazy. Fog is one of those wild weather things too that while it can be a pain in the butt and dangerous it is also impressive. My Uncle Phil lives on Cape Cod so I have seen the fog roll in tough in that part of the country. In the end, I am not sure if these weather games are better to watch, but they just seem fun. I mean think about big ole lineman doing snow angels of the classic Patriots game where the guy came out and used a snow blower to clear a path for the kicker. Hell, I even remember playing some high school football in bad weather games and always thought they were fun. I brought up soccer as well and if you are a USA soccer fan you can't forget playing Costa Rica in 2013 for a World Cup qualifier. Watching soccer in the snow that night was crazy and get this USA soccer fans!...we actually qualified that year for the World Cup, ah the good old days huh. I am still mad about missing the next World Cup, but anyhow my point is today crazy weather makes games better. Look, the Falcons were getting a butt whooping last night, but the fog made it cool.