Football is Back!

September 7, 2017

The NFL is back for real this week. That's right! No more pre-season stuff that doesn't matter. The games are real and so are the hits. I have said before that I am not the biggest NFL fan these days, but there is no doubt that the NFL is the national sport of the USA. First, let's just take the Super Bowl and admit that could be another national holiday. There is something also sort of All-American about spending Sunday with some friends or family and watching the games and having snacks. I have spent countless days and nights enjoying football with friends. I also live on the West coast, so it is awesome to just get up and roll out to the couch and get football on at 10am. There is something comfortable about having the NFL back on. 

When I was a kid growing up in the Washington DC area, I grew up in College Park. The Washington games were always a big deal and my Dad never missed them. Back in the day, they were playing and I can guarantee the Smiths were watching. I am pretty sure we even planned family outings in the Fall around the NFL schedule. It is also funny to me how whenever you watching football throughout the Fall, the weather and the food changes. When the season kicks off, this weekend it is still Summer and I expect people to be grilling and summer type stuff but when it starts getting chillier then all of sudden it's time for chili. It makes sense, the menu always changes throughout the season, I can attest to this personally as I have some dips that I will make until November since they are like holiday things to me. I also have a Fall dip and I make that usually doesn't get made the rest of the year. Man, just typing this blog is getting me excited and amped up to watch meaningful games and kick it with people. So it's real now, it starts with the defending champions, the New England Patriots and the GOAT Tom Brady. Then a whole slate of games for the rest of the weekend. The first couple of weeks are always a bit weird and same teams are slow starters while others are fast starters. In the end, whatever happens will be more exciting because it counts. Enjoy the games!