Get into the Buff Already!

January 4, 2018

I grew up in the Washington DC area in Prince Georges County and grew up a Washington fan. I remember when we beat the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl and, as kids made fun of the Bills. As an adult, I am pumped to see the Buffalo Bills back in the playoffs. Buffalo had the longest drought in American sports without making a playoff appearance and those people need something good to cheer about. See, back in the day I did not understand what that team meant to that town and after all this time, I am now cheering for the Bills. I think maybe what changed for me first about the Bills was seeing Tim Russert fifteen years ago on an NFL film special talking about his passion for the Bills. He was from there and was always a very loyal fan and hearing him talk about old friends and family members and how much it would mean to them and that town to see them win a Super Bowl.

If you have a team in the playoffs, I am sure you are pulling for them, but if you don't...I say why not cheer for Buffalo!!!! First off, the fans base there is insane! So crazy, they simply refer to them as the Bills Mafia. These people, week in and week out, no matter the weather, come out to Orchard Park to tailgate hard and cheer on the Bills. This team also has not made the playoffs since 1999, let that sink in. Someone could have been born since the last time they were in the playoffs and this person is a legal adult who can vote. Heck I'm thirty-seven years old and was in high school the last time they made the playoffs. If you saw any of the reactions of the Bills fans or players this past weekend when they made the playoffs, how could you not get pumped for this team?! Also, let's not forget people this is the town that gave us the Buffalo Wing, the wing people. This fact alone is reason to get fired up for the Bills. I will repeat - if you have a team in the playoffs, then cheer for them, but if not - I say Go BILLS!!!!!!