Get Your Pigskin and Bird On!

November 21, 2017

So, Thanksgiving is about as all-American as you can get and on Thanksgiving you also get football. I have often thought of Thanksgiving as the best holiday because, for better or worse, it is what we all love. See, with Christmas (and I love Christmas) there is a pressure of gift giving and making sure you get to everything. Christmas just seems to put undo pressure on people, and again, I love Christmas..but Thanksgiving is just a bit easier. You don't have to wake up at some crazy hour to see if Santa came by with the gifts, you can just wake up whenever and start cooking. I should say that I also like cooking so the cooking food in the morning is fine with me. Also, full discloser, my Mom makes some of the best stuffing you will ever have so waking up to that smell as a kid and as an adult  is always been a great way to wake up on the day off. She's in town, so I can't wait. I mean, let's be honest, how many times a year would you watch a parade if it was not Thanksgiving? Speaking of which, those balloons are so huge I wonder what they do with them the rest of the year...does Woody Woodpecker only get one day a year to do his thing?!

The other awesome part about Thanksgiving is in the afternoon. And you KNOW I mean - all you have to do is watch some football! Clearly, not everyone who watches football on Thanksgiving are Detroit or Dallas fans, but they play every year so we watch them. Let's be really honest, if the Detroit Lions were not the early game on Thanksgiving I am not sure I would ever watch a Lions game. I do find myself cheering for Detroit on Thanksgiving, but not Dallas. I grew up in PG County (right outside of DC) so you will not find me cheering for any Dallas team. I have often found myself just cheering for the team playing Dallas. They have added another game to the Thanksgiving day festivities with the third late game. Also, there is some college football on Thanksgiving as well with the classic match up down in Mississippi of the Egg Bowl. Here's the reason I think that Thanksgiving might be the best Holiday. Number one: a large afternoon meal and you are expected to eat a lot. Number two: plain and simple - pie. When else are you are you eating pie? Number three: people again expect that you are going to watch sports on this holiday. Football and a great meal, I can't wait! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!