Is It the BEST Play In Sports?

September 27, 2017

A lot of sports have cool plays, but you could argue which is the coolest play. What is the coolest play you ask? I am talking about home runs, slam dunks, a touchdown off a long pass, even a crazy bicycle kick for a goal in soccer.

First, I will start with the home run. When you're at a baseball game, you jump out of your seat when you hear that crack of the bat. Admittedly, one of the best baseball memories I have is seeing a grand slam hit in person at an afternoon game. Side note: it was Rafael Palmerio and man, he crushed that ball. If you remember his testimony, you know it was funny it was him. That hit won the game and my buddy Bernie and I left that place on a high so I have to say the home run is a cool play.

Slam dunks are up next and who doesn't love a good dunk? Dunks are different then since they happen so often, but let me tell you about two of the best dunks as far as I'm concerned. The first dunk I love is, no matter the score you're settling, is when you see another man rise up and dunk on another dude. It is awesome. The other dunk I love is when the game is close to being over and some guy gets a breakaway and slams one home to end the game.

Let's talk some football...both footballs. Let's start with the National Football League and football in America. Football has many plays that are awesome and it is hard to say which is the coolest, but let's start with a sack. Sacks come at any point of the game and generally this is a great thing for your defense and team. A great drive by any team and then a sack just stops all momentum, and just forget it if it was a sack that lead to a fumble. A strip sack that leads to a fumble then run into the end zone by a big lineman is the best. Be honest, a big man dance? Come on, man! That's great football.

In football, you get a huge lift when a special team's play is made. I played football and I think punt returners are insane people to even want to sit back there and return a punt. Returning a punt is massive because your defense obviously just made a good third down play and now you just returned a punt for touchdown? The stadium is on fire at that point and you know this, man. And just based on athletic abilities, watching a dude return one is impressive to say the least. Lastly, I will talk about more football (as they call it across the pond), but soccer for you and I. Soccer does not have a bunch of scoring, so most goals are huge momentum swings, but I will talk about one of the most athletic plays on a pitch which is the bicycle kick for a goal. I would also mention that a good header of a set piece like a corner is also a fun and cool play. I play keeper in indoor soccer so I have to show some love to those keepers making great saves in soccer as well. I am leaving out a bunch of sports like boxing which everyone loves a knockout. MMA has people that have to tap out sometimes which is cool to see. Hockey has the slap shot and the one timer which should not be ignored.

So, I ask you - what do you think is the coolest play in sports?