MLB at the Little League World Series

August 21, 2017

The Little League World Series is a special event and like most kids who grew up playing baseball, I always wanted to play in it. I grew up playing baseball for my school St.Joseph's in Beltsville Maryland, but also grew up playing for my city's little league. Though, our little league program was not an official little league team to qualify for the world series. I always had the dream and thought it would be awesome to be able to play in that stadium and on TV. Hell, that is one of the coolest things just about the little league world series is that the kids are on TV. I remember playing in a minor league stadium and thinking how cool that was, but to be able to actually play on TV would have unreal. Even if you are not the biggest baseball fan, I think everyone can agree it is awesome to watch little kids playing a game they love and playing for the pure joy of it. Another cool thing is the kids get all kinds of cool gear from different sponsors and I found myself being kind of jealous. I can afford to buy a new bat and stuff, but I was jealous of all their gear.  

Over the years, the Little League World Series has gotten bigger and bigger, but this year they did a really cool thing and they had an actual Major League Baseball game in town. The game was played at a Minor League Stadium in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and I thought it was awesome of the Major League players to go over the little league games during the day and check out the little guys playing their games. I had never seen the Major Leaguers at the Little League World Series before, but it was great to see and what a crazy time for the kids! When I was a little kid, I loved the Cubs because we got WGN in the DC area and I can't even have imagined the feeling of having Jody Davis there watching us play baseball. Well, I can imagine a little bit and probably would have gone 2-3 with a couple of RBI's since I could always hit. The Little League World Series is dream come true for most of these kids and having the Major Leaguers there was all the sweeter. Good job kids and good job Major League Baseball! What a special year to watch.