NBA Plus Drama!

February 8, 2018

Drama is not something people seek out unless you are not involved...then it can be fun to watch, thus so many who love reality TV! I, like some people, don't really care about reality TV too much, but I do like getting my drama from the original reality TV - sports. This brings me to the National Basketball League and the biggest drama in sports which is basketball players. The NBA is wild, man. I have said this before, but first there just aren't that many guys on a team so it is much more intimate and they all know each other. In the NFL, there are so many guys on a team it is often split into different groups. First off, you have the offense and the defense, but after that (in football) you always break down into smaller groups depending on position. In basketball, there are some separate drills for guards and big men, but for the most part the team is always together. Now, you might be wondering why I'm on this and the answer is simple - the NFL is over and it is time for the NBA to take center stage.

Drama is how I started this and, man, the NBA provides. Just this past week, LeBron James traded away half his team. I say he traded them away because - let's get real, that dude is running the team. Petty is a word I like and people can be so petty;King James is not immune to this. One of the players he traded away this week was Isaiah Tomas and their last game together. LeBron hit a game winner in overtime and he would not even high five with Tomas. Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City two years ago to play in Golden State. Not only was Russell Westbrook pissed, he let it be known to KD each time they played. Hell man, when Kevin Durant returned to the play the Thunder the whole arena chanted "Cupcake!" at him because they think he is soft for going to Golden State. Another thing I love basketball players is they get to dunk on each other. I am not sure anything is more humiliating in sports then getting dunked on by another grown man. Oh, and they stare, they hit shots and stare each other down. You like a good fight? How about players going over to another teams locker room to challenge them to a fight after a game? The other I keep forgetting to mention is that the games are fun to watch. I liked the old NBA of hard fouls and defense, but watching top flight athletes drain threes from long range and crazy dunks is fun to watch. I never thought I would be that into the NBA, but it's great fun to watch and the drama is top notch!