The NHL Playoffs of Disappointment

April 12, 2018

I watch a lot of sports, but the one sport I don't watch enough of is the National Hockey League. Hockey is a great sport and sometimes I wish I knew more about it, but as a kid it was one of the few sports I did not play. I have a great friend of min,e Steve Migs from our morning show and he is a hockey guy through and though. Whenever Steve and I hang out, I start getting back into hockey. Just two weeks ago, I went on a trip with him and his hockey team the Tacoma Donkeys and every year they remind me why I really do like hockey. Why am I telling you all this?...because the best time for hockey is the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Playoff hockey is great and fast, even if you are not a big hockey head, watch the playoffs! Hockey is great because it combines many different things. It has the speed and spacing of basketball, but also you can be physical, heck you can even fight. I do like hockey, but playoff hockey is the best.

Now for the sad part of this post - I grew up in PG County right outside Washington DC so I am a Washington Capitals fan. Why is this sad? Well, let me tell you. The Capitals every year are good. Some years they are very good, but almost every year they are good and make the playoffs...choke (usually to the Pittsburg Penguins) in the playoffs. I am thirty-seven years old and the last time the Capitals made it to the Stanley Cup finals I was a junior in high school and they got swept by the Detroit Red Wings. As a Capital fan, you are used to this choking every year and, truthfully, I will fall for it again. I know they are going to break my heart, but I can't help it, it could be their year. Years ago, my nephew told me, "Uncle Ted, don't get excited the Capitals always lose in the playoffs." He was ten at the time. Why should a kid know this sports pain? Can the Capitals win the Stanley Cup already?! If not for the pride of the team or the pride of DC, do it for my nephew CJ!...he wants to see a championship, dammit.