Notre Damn Them!

November 10, 2017

Full disclosure:I am not a fan of Notre Dame football. I will always cheer for the basketball team since the head coach at Notre Dame is Mike Brey who also attended DeMatha Catholic High School (where I graduated from as well). I started by saying I am not a Notre Dame football fan since, as a kid, I always cheered for Miami in that match up. I do think the whole Catholics and Convicts was blown way out of proportion, but never the less, when this rivalry is good it is a good thing for college football. A lot of people very put off by those Miami teams in the 80's because of all the touchdown celebrations and dancing. I, for one loved all that stuff and I am pumped to see of that swagger back at the U. I don't like to even use the word swagger a bunch, but Miami football basically invented it. I currently love the turnover chain that the Miami guys wear when someone gets a turnover. I think a lot of the stuff between these two schools is just a matter of taste. If you like the old school and certain ways of doing things you probably like Notre Dame and I do respect what that program and school is about. I just think there is also a lot of people like me who think there is nothing wrong with some swagger and fun.

In college football, it seems like the same teams are at the top year in and year out. Alabama seems to just keep rolling and if they don't make the playoff I would be shocked. It is quite impressive what that program has done, but it's boring to see them dominate every year. Last year when Clemson won I think a lot of people were just happy to see someone else win the title and I know Ohio State got one too. I do agree with people like Scott Van Pelt who said love them or hate these schools everyone will be watching if for nothing else then to watch one of them lose. I say all the time how much I love college football and a big part of it is games like this. Rivalries are great and even though this one for years had a bad reputation, I do think it is one of the iconic games in college football. I am going to get real fired about this game even though I don't really have a link to either one, I can't wait for it! I am cheering for Miami and my Dad went there for a couple years so that can be the simple link I need. I do think Notre Dame is a better team, but Saturday night in Miami you never know what will happen!