Opening Day is in Play!

March 29, 2018

An American tradition is Opening Day for baseball. Major Leagues Baseball kicked off this week and opening day is a great event. My buddy Bernie goes every year to see the Baltimore Orioles first game with his boys and my cousin Tom does the same with his kids. Heck, my man Mike Hawk is pumped for opening day and would like to make it a tradition as well. First off, one of the great things is most opening day games are in the afternoon so you get to play hooky. If you are a child, this is an even bigger deal. I remember my brother taking me to see a sports event during school and it was awesome!

 The other great thing about opening day is it is basically the un-official start of Spring and Summer. Baseball just reminds you of those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer time..(if you get that reference - good job). I start to think about the food and drinks at a ball game. Hot dogs are hot dogs, but somehow at a baseball game, they seem to taste even better. I mean, would you eat Cracker Jack's outside of a major league baseball games? I am getting fired up just thinking about those soft pretzels and yellow mustard! Don't get me wrong, I love all kinds of mustard and respect a fancy mustard like stoned ground, but a baseball game requires the classic yellow stuff. Let's talk about nuts and shells as well- I don't often eat sunflower seeds, but at a baseball game- load me up, partner. Peanuts with the shells on is another classic and it's fun throwing the shells on the ground, dammit.

Opening day is also a very optimistic day. Everyone is in first place at the start of the day. It's the start of the season and everyone is pumped- even if you know your team is not going to be good, you hold out hope. I can think of the begging of the first Major League movie and most people know they are going to be bad, but a couple people have faith. That is what opeing day is like for people.. all hope and fun unless, say, your team gives up a home on the first pitch. Some of my friends are big baseball fans, but I feel like a lot of them just want to go to opening day to have fun and drinks. Hopefully, a day of sun, fun and optimism is always a great day. So, enjoy your teams opening day or home opener when it happens. Have some fun, maybe a beer and get that pretzel with yellow mustard!