Playoffs! Sweet, Sweet Playoffs!

January 11, 2018

So, last week I wrote about how cool I thought it was that the Buffalo Bills were in the NFL playoffs and if you did not have a team, why not cheer for them? Well, turns out Buffalo did not have a passing offense and lost that now I am back looking for a playoff bandwagon to jump on. I feel like it is too easy to start cheering for the New England Patriots since, frankly they win all the time. I can't see myself cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles since I grew up in the Washington DC area and always had a dislike for the Eagles. I also like Matt Ryan and had a buddy that went to Boston College when he was there for a couple years and sounds like a fun dude so I will be cheering for the Atlanta Falcons in that match up. Also, I think like most people, I would like to see the Falcons come back from that disaster in the Super Bowl last year. Honestly, it has been a tough road for everyone in Georgia the past year. First, the Falcons collapsed in the Super Bowl, but then just a couple days ago it looked like the Georgia Bulldogs were going to win the National Championship...but lost in overtime to Alabama. So why not cheer for Atlanta and maybe they get back to the Super Bowl and make good on last year?

I think one of the most interesting picks still left in the NFL playoffs is the Minnesota Vikings. Number one - it seems rare that I hear someone saying how much they hate the Vikings. Also, the Super Bowl this year is in Minnesota so they could become the first team to play a Super Bowl in their own stadium. I am also always cheering for the Vikings a little bit just because Stefon Diggs who went to Maryland and I always try and support former Terps. (The Smith family is pulling for you, Stefon!!!) The only problem with the Vikings game is that they are playing the New Orleans Saints who are pretty easy to like as well. Drew Brees seems like a nice enough dude and the team rallies around him. The other game going on this weekend is the Jacksonville Jaguars taking on the Pittsburg Steelers in the AFC. I am not a Steelers fan, but I also do not hate the Steelers like some people do and frankly, I like some of the players on their offense, their wide outs are fun to watch. The Jaguars are a team that I honestly think will be much better in the future, but this is just not their year. I really think they just need a better quarterback. Enjoy the games this weekend as it is the last time we get really football on both days till next summer. Do what I am going to do, have a beer and cheer for points and competitive games!