A Postseason for the Books!

November 3, 2017

This year, the baseball World Series was a good one, some may argue it was the best series ever! The Houston Astros were one of the best teams in the regular season and now they are the best team after winning the World Series. The reasons for saying this are many is because the series went seven games. This series also involved a ton of home runs. I felt like ever time I turned on the series there is a home run leaving the park. I  was sitting in a bar watching game two of this series and it seemed like a joke because every time we turned around a home run ball was leaving the park. We are sitting having beers and some food and chatting not really paying attention, but then the balls started flying out of the stadium. I could sit here and retell you all the stats, but if you could tell how good the series was just by the amount of people talking about it. I have a hard time remembering the last time I heard or saw so many people pumped up about baseball.

I grew up playing a ton of baseball. I do definitely love a stolen base and some good small ball, but man the home runs were fun to watch. Also, it was amazing to me how many lead changes there were and the amount of pitchers used. I saw some guys who had not pitched at all the whole series making their World Series debut in game 5. That is crazy, man! The pitching out of the bull pens took some hits and that is too be expected this time of the year as the guys having throwing all season and now all post season. The funny thing is also the Dodgers had a great bull pen for most of the year. There was a great story line as well, people will always enjoy seeing a club like the Dodgers win since they have so much tradition. The Houston Astros have a story line as well since the city of Houston had just been hit with a huge hurricane and was totally flooded. I think for this reason which is a great reason a lot of people cheered for the Astros in this series. Like most people, I would never want to see what happened in Houston happen to any city, but it is amazing to me how when tragedy hits a city sports can be a great thing to rally around. It reminds of how the city of New Orleans rallied around the Saints of the NFL after Katrina rocked their city and that Super Bowl meant a lot to the city. I feel great that they won and think it is great for that city. Sports are not the most important thing in the world, but in times like this I think the role it plans is important and helps lift the spirit of that city. Congrats Houston!