Ready to Bowl?

January 25, 2018

It seems like just a very few shorts month ago, I was writing about watching the NFL preseason to get my football fix and now, like a junkie, I am telling you to watch the Senior Bowl. I love college football and soccer and I am sad that college football is over. I will end up watching the senior bowl and, to be honest, my friend Alex and I use to both watch the Senior Bowl practice. I like the all-star games in college football as well since you can see stars of tomorrow's NFL before they get drafted. The Senior Bowl is different as well in the fact that they use pro rules and for some guys it will be a huge change. Hell, I remember years ago when Tim Tebow was in the game...he had trouble just getting used to taking a snap from under center. I am not sure what team I would be cheering for and frankly, in a game like this I am not sure the winner really matters. It is the North VS the South. So, I guess I would be cheering for the North team, but again I really am just watching to see some talent and decided who I would draft if I was an NFL executive.

When I was kid, I watch this game and thought it was so cool how the players from different teams would trade helmet decals from each others schools. I had always dreamed about making it to this game and filling my helmet with all kinds of different decals. I will say though, this is our last college football for the season. Sure, the draft and stuff is coming up, but that's not as much fun. Sometimes I am not even sure if I love college football or is it just fun to have college football on in the background? I do suppose I need to get into college hoops now and start paying more attention to that. College Basketball to me really amps up this time of the year. I know that the season is already half way over, but I just don't really watch a ton on hoops until this time of the year and football is over. This Saturday, get in your fix of college football with the Senior Bowl and watch some young dudes that will be playing on Sundays in a very short time.