The Reason for the Postseason!

October 5, 2017

It's October and maybe the best sports month of the year since we now have a lot of sports happening. Here's the deal, College Football and the National Football League are in full swing and we also have Postseason Baseball! Even if you are not the biggest baseball fan in the world, it is hard not to get excited for the playoffs. The Wild Card games just the other night were crazy as the balls were flying out of Yankee stadium often for both teams. I do not really care for the Yankees, but man that place was rocking and the one time I did go to the old Yankee stadium it was a blast and the people in the Bronx were surprisingly friendly.

I have only ever been to one postseason baseball game and I can tell you it is a totally different environment from the regular season ones. I went to Baltimore game years ago versus those damn Yankees and man that place was wild. I feel like baseball postseason is harder to achieve then playoffs in other sports. I now live in Seattle and the poor Mariners fans have not seen the postseason since 2001. That is a dry spell my friends. It is also fun to watch the level of intensity on each play. Baseball involves a lot of strategy and when you see it in the postseason it is so amped up. Every stolen base, every sacrifice, every pick off play matters. All those little things you spend all your life working on now matter the most. It's funny that you see a major leaguer who has been playing the game since he was young and now he makes an error in the big game, that's the level I am talking about here folks. Does he throw the slider, maybe a curve ball, maybe a change up who knows, but I do know the games will be fun to watch. October is the best time of year to be in sports!

I also mentioned College Football and the National Football League because the first month of the season is great, but now we get down to it. NFL can take a little more time to figure out, but to me college football teams set themselves apart in October. You have classic rivalry games that take place and, frankly, better match ups. No more playing some small school you have to cut a giant check to for playing at your place. Side note: paying a small school to come to your house and then getting upset is brutal. (I am looking at you LSU.)

Big plays and the separation from the pack will all be on display this month as the good teams show who has the potential to be great teams. I would also say that sometimes games just feel bigger under the lights and now that we are into Autumn we get more night games. I am getting pumped and need to go watch some sports asap!