Saturdays in the Fall Rock!

September 16, 2017

Well, it's that time of year again! When college football is back and Saturdays are the best. Now, I know a most of you are huge NFL fans. My love for college football starts with the fact that the games are on Saturdays. I like to enjoy an adult beverage so to me it makes more sense to party on Saturdays. Another great thing about college football is all the games that are on. You can watch your game then boom, flip the channel and watch another big game. You can watch a bunch of different game as they finish, if it is a close game then flip over.

I also love all the different traditions and a great marching band. Nothing to me says it is the Fall like the smell of a grill and the sound of a drum line. I will also say that college football tailgating is some of the best out there. One: people seem nicer then going to an NFL game sometimes and the stadiums are even bigger. Also, the playing is not as good as it is in the NFL so upsets happen all the time. My point being that in the NFL, everyone is a pro and they are great. Most of them were All-Americans in college (so, the best of the best) and the games are tighter.

In college, with so many teams playing, there is always a chance for a bigger upset. I also just think there is something more special about walking around a college campus for games as opposed to the city for NFL game. I love football overall, but college is the best in my opinion. So fire up that grill and get some state and college pride and cheer on your team! As always, Go Terps.