Sounders of the Season Are Back Soon!

March 1, 2018

So it is that time of year once again! The return of Major League Soccer and your Seattle Sounders FC. It seems like just a couple months ago the season ended because, thankfully, the Sounders have played in the last two MLS Cups. I won't lie, the season kind of crept up on me and before we knew it the season opener is around the corner. First, let's get to some good news, we are back and it will be awesome to see everyone back in the stadium and going crazy for the Sounders. The first MLS match is against LAFC and even though it is a new club, (and no real reason to dislike them) they do have LA in the name and that is enough for me. To me, it does not matter if it's the Galaxy of LAFC...I am always on the side of beat LA. Also, in no way do we want to let this new club get their first win over the Sounders at our home. I think a lot of people are like me in that some of my Sounders friends I never see the rest of the year besides Sounders games and I can't wait to see some of those guys. Sometimes it is just as easy as the guy who sits next to you for years and you build a friendship with that guy...shout out to my man Umit in seat nine!

Now for some of the bad news -In every off season, every team is going to lose some important parts, but for Sounders fans one departure is rough and that is Brad Evans. I am not even going to talk that much about the play of Brad the last few years with injuries and stuff, but Brad has been an important part of the Seattle Sounders community. Full discloser? I am a B-Rad fan and have met the guy multiple times and have mutual friends so part of his leaving I think just sucks personally. Brad was always very active in the community and a great guy. I do think Brad still has some good years left in him and wish him all the best in Kansas City and they got a great teammate and person. Yeah, I would be remissed if I did not mention that Brad always answered the tough questions and gave real answers. The real gut shot to Sounders fans this pre season is the season ending injury to Jordan Morris. Jordan was expected to have a big year and it was an important year in his development so this was a double whammy. His speed will be sorely missed and I am not sure that they have figured out yet how to replace him totally, but since it has happened early in the season, I feel confidant that the club will find a solid solution. Like I said early on, every off season brings changes and the team will have a different shape and feel...but given how this club has preformed the last couple of seasons, I still have very high expectations. The main thing is that we'll get to see a home match soon and the Sounders family will all be back together. Scarves up!