Spring Training Frenzy!

March 15, 2018

Winter can be cold and dark, but you know what is not cold and dark? Spring Training. I went to Arizona a few years ago for spring training and it was glorious. I say glorious because if you are like me and live in a place that is not always warm or sunny in the winter, the weather number one is most important. I will also say that any spring training game is great because you can see Major League Baseball players up close since the stadiums are smaller. My buddy Cobb and I went to a afternoon game and sat in our seats, but soon realized that the real party was in the bleachers. When I say bleachers I mean the grass hill in the outfield and it was awesome. What I really liked about Spring training is that the outcome does not matter as much, hell the games are not going to count. We went out to the grassy hill and made friends in no time. Honestly, those people were just using the game as a excuse to sit in the sun and drink beers...which we're game for. Spring training does remind us that baseball is just around the corner! College Hoops are in full swing and soon we will have baseball back and that is the official start of Spring to me. Sometimes I kind of base my season on sports stuff, like it's not really Fall till you have some big college football match ups. Spring sports also include the playoffs for the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League.

Spring Training is also the time you get to see new players that clubs have signed in the off season and you also get to see the new prospects that have come up through the farm system to the big club. Baseball is one of the cooler sports in the way that guys can be brought up and down to and from the major leagues back down to the minor leagues. Obviously, if you got called up to the big league you want to stay there, but sometimes even great players or Cy Young award winners have to go do a stint in the minors to rehab something. That is always cool to see a big star in the minor league games, and that is part of the beauty of the Spring training because it is all minor league stadiums. I say if you live on the East coast..get to Florida and check it out and if you are a West coast person, then I say get to Arizona ASAP!