Ted Blog: College Football Traditions

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October 13, 2016

    So as I write this blog in the next few months I am going to highlight some of my favorite college football traditions. As far as college football goes I have a pretty good amount of experience as I have been to many different college stadiums and seen them live.  I have a bunch of favorite ones but I will start with the University of Tennessee and running through the T.


    First off I will say I went to Knoxville  a few years back we had a awesome time and I fell in love with Rocky Top, that is the fight song for Tennessee. You need to understand that a college football Saturday in big orange country is a big deal. The whole town is about one thing and that is Vol's football. I had heard Rocky Top before but seeing it in person and hearing people talk about it and how much it meant to them really stuck with me and I can honestly say it is one of the top three fight songs in college football.

  So for 50+ years the Tennessee Volunteers have been running though the T and when I was there they did not do it. It was late summer and the thunderstorms were crazy so the stadium had to be evacuated and for the  first time in years they did not do it. It's funny that this is the first tradition I am writing about considering I never got to even see it. The passion which people sing and talk about the fight song though was powerful and we had a blast down there. I should also mention that there are only two places you can tailgate by boat and Tennessee is one and the University of Washington is the other. When I was leaving town I was at the airport and told the lady checking me in that I really liked the fight song, she looked me dead in the eyes and said "well it's one of the top two songs ever made" and she was not kidding. So enjoy a little piece of dear old Rocky Top