Ted blog's: One for the ages

January 10, 2017

    Wow, wow, wow what a Championship game last night. I love college football so it is not crazy that I was excited about the National Championship game to begin with but when a game with that much hype lives up to the hype it is awesome. Like many people I have no reason to dislike Alabama other than they win a lot and I was excited to see another program win. I would also say that Nick Saban is not the easiest person to like. In the end last night did not really matter if you had a team you liked more than the other because the game was awesome. I remember eleven years ago when people were talking about USC being the greatest team maybe ever in any generation and this year was the same thing, building up Alabama to be the greatest team ever. I'm not sure any team can ever live up to those expectations but they sure have had a great run and frankly Alabama is not going anywhere for a while if Nick Saban is still there.


    The game itself was also a instant classic not because it was a rematch of the previous year's National Championship but because the game was actual really good. Alabama was up early with a fourteen point lead in the first half and a lot of people thought Alabama was going to do what they do and just roll over Clemson. I my friends had faith though in the Clemson Tigers and Deshaun Watson their quarterback. For my money he was the best player in college football at his position. The second half started and it still looked like Alabama was going to do their Alabama thing as they scored again but too me the key play of the game was a fourth down play for Clemson. Alabama in this game like most of their games were helped by good field position and this one fourth down play Clemson lined up as if they were going for it but they a quick pooch punt changed field position completely and Clemson defense stood tall. Once they flipped the field Clemson came alive and scored points but Alabama would not go away. In fact Alabama ended up with the lead with under two minutes left and Clemson had to drive the field and scored a touchdown with one second left to win the game. It was a instant classic.