Ted's Blog: 2016 Sports photo of the Year

January 6, 2017

    As we are in the beginning of the New Year that we call 2017 I started looking at sports pictures from the past year to see which one I liked the best. Now as a Seattle Sounders FC fan obviously my first choice was to post a picture of the Sounders winning the MLS Cup and say best photo of the year in sports. Here is the thing though I had to take my personal opinion away from this and really think about what photo from the sports world last year really stuck out to me.  A lot of me again just wanted to post a picture from the College Football season or just a photo from the NFL. Hell maybe even a photo from a big English Premier League game as I do love Arsenal and let's be honest that Leicester City winning was pretty unbelievable. Heck I can forget about the fact that the Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 lead to the Cleveland Cavaliers and that poor city won it's first sports title in years. I hear you baseball fans and saying but Ted what about the Cubs finally winning and breaking the curse of that damned billy goat. All of these would have been fine but I had to pick this one from Usain Bolt. The fact the man is running a race and winning is awesome but to have to mind to turn and pose for that photo is unreal. You might think of it as arrogant but not me, the guy is that good and can have some fun. So congrats to Usain Bolt for being my sports photo of the year.