Ted's Blog: Bowl Games

December 20, 2016

    A lot of talk this week has been about the college football bowl games that come up this time of year. Now look I should say right out of the gate that I enjoy the bowl games and think that it is a great time for fans and chance to get more practice in for you program headed into the next year. I do think that with the college football playoff system as it is now that some people are not as into the bowl games but lets be honest the bowl games never really mattered. I love watching the random match-ups and having college football on during the holidays is great and I think for most players a chance to excel one more time for their college. Now the team or program you follow will benefit from the extra practice and the fans get a chance to travel if they want, it also gives your program another chance to be on national TV.



    Now the big issue that came up this week was that Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey decided to sit out their teams bowl games and some people are very upset. Fournette is a player for LSU and they are not winning a National Title and McCaffrey plays for Stanford and they are not winning a National Title. The point I am trying to make here is that if their teams were actually competing in the college football playoff I would get the fact they have to play but these games are pretty much meaningless. These two guys are poised to go make a ton of money in the NFL that will set them up for years to come and I don't see risking injury for a game that doesn't matter. Here is the other thing I want to bring up is that some coaches already left their programs before the bowl games so why do we hold these kids to a different standard. A coach can leave and it's business but a player chooses to sit out a meaningless game to look out for his business he is somehow the bad guy? That just doesn't work for me. They gave their hearts and played all out while at their colleges, this is a smart call on their part and let's congratulate them on making it to the next level. College is about finding jobs and being successful right?